Without a doubt knowledge is power. This is especially so in world of casinos and casino games where small bits of information may tip the odds of winning in your favour. Not in an illegal casino scamming kind of way but in a responsible gambler sort of way. It therefore becomes essential for players to know and understand all the mechanisms operating the games they are playing.

The Return to Player is an essential piece of information that helps players decide which games to play. This information describes the expected amount of money a gambling machine is expected to payback as winnings to the player. The number is expressed as a percentage of the total bets placed. This essential means it is a percentage of the money you will get back from a slot after a large number of spins. Please note that this is only theoretically speaking. In practice it is not so precise. There are several random events that can greatly alter this figure. Such events include a jackpot win or an extended losing streak. Under perfect conditions a player wagering R10 on a machine with a RTP of 90% will receive R9000 after a thousand bets. Such a scenario can only exist in fantasy, realistically random events of luck or misfortune are always occurring.

The Return To Player is not always in favour of the casino. On progressive jackpots it frequently goes above 100%. At this stage the machine is said to be at or beyond its breakeven point. The player would stand to win more than they have deposited in the machine over the long run. In an ideal situation that is.

Players should therefore not take the RTP as a given certainty of the amount of money they will receive after a betting session. It is essential to remember the short term volatility will always affect long term predictability. That said players should keep in mind that a responsible gambler is one who bets what they are ready to lose.

How to Use The Return To Player

The RTP is a key instrument for any serious online slot player. Knowing the percentages helps in coming up with an effective slot strategy. It can also be used in other types of games in which it is available to develop a game strategy. A gaming strategy is sometimes the difference between a rewarding and enjoyable online gaming experience and a horrible one.

It is often wiser to play on games that have a higher return to player value. These games are statistically inclined to leave you richer than those with a low return to player. A game with a Return To Player average of 95% will keep 5% of all bets placed on it and payout the rest as winnings to players. This is over extended periods of play.

The Return To Player can be used to disprove many myths that have been circulating about slot play. Some of the erroneous myths suggest that the machine will auto adjust its payouts in line with its payout history. A slot that has been paying out regularly or has just paid out a jackpot is wrongly expected to “go cold”. The opposite is expected for a machine that has not been paying out. All the spins or events on the machine are completely random and independent of each other.

The RTP is a measure of how much money is returned to the gamblers by gambling machine. Therefore not every player will be receiving 95% of their wager back. Some will receive less while others will receive more.