Yebo Casino offers players the ability to play all our games using our instant play casino. Usomg this version of Yebo allows players to play without having to download our casino application. Users can simply visit our website and register their account via the easy web interface. Users can also log into our website and deposit and play any of the games available in our download application.

One of he biggest benefits of the Yebo instant play casino is that it is available for all those MAC or Apple fans out there. Because you dont need to download any software and Yebo currently does not offer a MAC client, players dont need to download any software and can simply play our instant casino game directly through their browser. We support all major browsers including Internet Explorer V9 and up, Chrome All versions, Mozilla Firefox and many other commercially available internet browsers.

Another major benefit of using Yebo’s instant play casino is that you can play our casino from your working environment. Most corporate internet policies restrict users from downloading 3rd party applications onto their computers. With our instant play games there is no need to download software. Just make sure that your employer is not blicking gambling related domains on an IP level. IF this is the case you can always head over to our mobile casino at as this runs on mobile data networks and companies cannot block or control access to sites through the various mobile data exchange networks in South Africa.